Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My Ghost Friends (我的鬼朋友)

It is not always possible to conjure spirits of power and classes. In fact, those elite spirits only comes by once in a blue moon. Common ghosts are plenty however, and they need not need to be conjured.

Taoism followers only need to burn some joss papers in front or at the back of their home twice a month is suffice to attract many wandering ghosts already.

When I was staying in Simpang old house, I got to know a lady ghost which I called her 'big sister'. She looked around 30 odd years old and always appear in white gown. Big sis has shoulder length long black hair. She had a fairly big and flat face a little out of her proportion. She always looked gloomy to me.

Big sis liked to sit beside my bed starting from midnight till nearing dawn. At time, she liked to comb her hair at my mom's makeup table. I told my mom about big sis but she scolded me as not to tell lies. So I kept this secret ever since.

This ghost sister also liked to take off her clothing and took her bath in the bathroom. I used to see her naked in and out from my room to the bathroom. Of course, she somehow didn't attract me.

With the appearance of big sister around me, not many wandering ghosts dared to disturb me even though I continued to have strange dreams. My dreams were all about myself being lifted to a height and flew inside my house or even in the street. At times, I also has the dreams of being chased by ghosts.

My relationship with big sis ended when my parents moved house to other part of Taiping town. Many years later when I returned to my old house, the big sis was no more there. Perhaps she has gone into reincarnation.

Other than that, I also had other ghost friends too. Once I lost my wallet in a shopping complex and I requested the assistance of my ghost friends. Within one day, someone called me asking me to collect my wallet from a shop. 

When I moved to Penang and setup my 5-legionnaire armies altar, I have made many ghost friends. One of the ghost that I used to call 'Bro Lee' has a big of followers. The ghostly brotherhood used to congregate in my altar to eat and rest.

Once my relative was having lawsuits with his partner, I asked Bro Lee's help and indeed the relative won his court case and saved him a lot of money.

Bro Lee and his gang weren't under my control and they just come and go as they wish. At one time they are at my place and at another time they will congregate in a Taoist temple nearby especially when the food offerings there are many.

Then for one period of time I didn't hear from Bro Lee and as I was wondering, another passerby ghost told me that Bro Lee and his gang was 'terminated' in a 'war' between the temple and another rival...

I have no way to confirm the authenticity of my source perhaps I can only know during the Judgement Day.

Now with more and more spirits in my collection, those good brothers and sisters naturally started to stay away from me. I can't say that I missed them to much obviously!

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