Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Psychology Of Scamming (欺骗心理学)

In Chinese TV series 李卫当官 (Li Wei, the magistrate) broadcast in 2001, there is a section of the story that has deeply imprinted in my mind:

"If you want someone to corrupt, find out his interest and work on it."

The above quote is in effect comprised the essence of scamming. Believe it or not.

For old folks such as our parents and grandparents, their interests may be:

  • Living longer and healthier
  • The well being of their children and grandchildren
  • Their retirement fund
For working folks for majority of us, our interests might be:

  • Money matters
  • Housing
  • Children
  • Career
  • Family
  • Health
For single ones, they might be interested in:

  • Getting married 
  • Buying car and house
  • Finding a job
  • Money matters
Whatever your interests might be, keep them to yourselves please for scammers around you will use your interests against you. A very simple technique is just to project an image of that opposite what you are interested in and your mind will furnish the rest.

For example: If you are worry about your family. A scammer will say to you: "I can see to you that your so-and-so is facing life threatening problems, black magic, possessed by demons etc. Only I can help..."

The first part of "your so-and-so" made you worry; while the second part of "only I can help" furnished you with a 'hope'. Naturally, most of us will fall into the scammer's trap.

Of course, some of us will be a little doubtful, then the scammers will play 'games' such as:

  • Uproar: How can you belittle my good intention?
  • Me too but better: I also suffer the same but I am better off than you.
  • Cornering: If you don't believe me; ask my friend...
  • Black face and white face: How can you be so stupid (black), follow him (white)...
  • Fishing: If we work together, you will get 1 million USD...
  • Chain reaction: Let me refer you to my superior and the authorities...
  • etc
Scammers don't use hypnotism or magic, they read your mind and use your own mind against you. Do their tricks work? Well, Malaysians donated millions of dollars each year to scammers around the world. Tell me if their tricks don't work...

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