Thursday, September 13, 2018

Exorcism By Black Roosters (黑公鸡驱邪记)

Do you believe that even ghosts are afraid of black roosters?

My friend Eric bought a house at the top of a hill near Bukit Jambul. He was quite happy at first because the price was almost 30% below market value. I was invited to his house warming party and I was surprised to receive his call about one month later...

Eric's complaint was that a week after his family has moved into the house, his pet dog Lucy started to bark at a corner of his hew house. It would chase after an invisible object during evening until the main door during the evening and then the dog will bark at the main door and chased after something as if someone has entered the house.

Gradually Lucy started to growl in fear and it was constantly seen ran under the table or chair as if taking cover from something chasing after it. At first Eric felt strange as he could not see anything in the air. Then slowly, he started to see a black shadow emerged from one side of the wall and this entity seemed to be fond of playing tricks to Lucy as it liked to chased after Lucy until it growled in fear and hid under Eric's legs.

According to previous experience, Eric's house must be haunted by an earthbound spirit. This type of spirit is either died in the house or being buried under the house. If the remains are indeed being buried under the house, then it will need more work. The only method I could think of was the tantric fire puja ritual... But we will see...

When I stepped into Eric's house, Lucy rushed out and barked at me as what it has done during my visit with full hostility. Then I felt a gust of wind and saw a grey entity fluttered towards Lucy, the poor dog started to whine and ran towards Eric.

So I performed a space cleansing ritual and gave Eric some talisman to be attached on his front door Fire offering ritual would be out of the question at the moment as it might burnt down the house.

Another week lapsed and Eric called me again. Apparently my ritual only worked for a few days and now the entity became more aggressive. It started to materialize and produce knocking noises. Eric's daughter saw one of the chair being pulled away from the dining table. In short, the family was in real scare.

I asked Eric to play the recording of Buddhist mantras such as the Great Compassionate mantra (大悲咒). The playing of mantra worked only if the player is kept operating. Once the mantra chanting is stopped, the entity hit back with double force.

Now I am really stuck up. So I called up an old friend of mine, James now running a chicken farm for a cup of tea to clear my mind. My pal who is an advocate of natural farming in Trong, Perak. He has a Thai wife helping him.

After being served with tea, we sat in front of James's house and enjoying the afternoon tea. Somehow our conversation topic veered towards the haunting problems faced by Eric. And James made fun of me: "I am shocked! There is a ghost that can trouble you so much!! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

James's wife who just happened to refill our tea, overheard our conversation and she interrupted and said: "Ah, I remember the same thing in my Chiang Rai old house... An old man taught me to keep black roosters in the house for one week and my problems were gone ever since. Perhaps worth trying?"

On hearing this incredible tips, my eyes started to spark and jumped up from my chair. I thanked James and his wife for their hospitality and returned to Penang the same afternoon. 

When I contacted Eric again, he and his family was in the process of packing. They couldn't stand the haunting for the sake of their daughter and dog. I told Eric the method of using black roosters he hesitated but finally shrugged: "Since I have packed, I might as well stay with my in-laws for a week or two. Although the roosters will dirty the house but that is still better than it being haunted..."

Gotten the green light from Eric, I went to purchase 10 large black roosters and put them inside the house. Then I starve them for one day and then I threw raw rice grains in every corner of the house. Having starved for one day, the roosters rushed to peck at the rice.

As the black roosters were pecking and clucking and squawking, with occasionally cock-a-doodle-do; I saw the grey entity ran all over the place to take cover...

One week later, as Jame's wife has said. The haunting was over.

Eric was happy with the result, I learnt something new too and the 10 black roosters found their new home in James's farm. When I handed over the roosters, James promised that the roosters are free to roam in his farm until their time is up. I think he will keep his promise.

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  1. A very simple ritual against haunted entities. Maybe black Hens can chase haunted entities. Nice posting Master Liew.