Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It Is Difficult To Be Ghosts (做鬼难)

We often say that it is difficult to be human. If you can see what I always see; then you will agree that it is even much more difficult to become ghosts!

For one thing, ghosts seems to have a lot of time and unlimited life spans so much so that they have nothing better to do. They spend most of their time in bewilderment and hence they have really numb facial expression. I don't blame them as I too will become crazy if put in their shoes.

Ghosts have no aims and so they are mostly lived with a blank mind and in cold. We human is indeed lucky if compared with aimless world of ghosts. At times I tried to communicate with ghosts but then and again, I am not a good counselor. Perhaps us human too when living without any aims, our living becomes a torture. This I am sure we can really understand as human.

Luckier ghosts can seek shelter among humankind especially where idol worships are prevalent. Hence the more powerful ones filled Taoist temples and they possessed statues and become gods and goddesses. Yet more powerful ones can possess spirit mediums and serve human beings instead. So, most of the time the gods and goddesses we worshiped in temples are instead ghosts.

Of course, those lucky ones are only just a minority of many others in the street. They are only slightly better than wandering ghosts outside in my eyes. Same as ministers in our human world, ghosts being treated as gods must serve believers who made them offerings. If their services are not good, for example if lucky number predictions are not accurate; people will forsake them regardless if they are gods or ghosts.

The greatest weapon of ghost is not their magic power but our humanly fear. Ghosts will use our fear to demand for more offerings and build new shrines. It is a fact that the possibility of ghosts making havoc of our human realm is next to zero. Sadly said, our humankind is weak in our faith and we tends to give way to our fear and hence yield to the demand of ghosts.

So said, ghosts are pitiful entities, their life is monotonous and helpless. They are not to be fear. Instead of worshiping ghosts, it is best to pray for their relief instead.


  1. " So, most of the time the gods and goddess we worshiped in temples are instead ghosts "

  2. How does the ghost become powerful enough to possess statues? Do they go through some sort of cultivation?