Sunday, September 9, 2018

Conjuration Of Ifrit Jinn (召唤火精灵)

Ifrit jinn is a class of most powerful and dangerous jinn in Middle East and in Islam. They are also most often being conjured by magicians of old days as their supernatural servants.

The best class of Ifrit can only be found in areas around Mecca and Medina, Arab Saudi. These elite class of jinn normally congregate at valley in Mecca where the Balm of Gilead trees are grown. Ifrit can also be found where wild ajwa date trees are grown in abundance. Other places to locate Ifrit jinn are inside caves, edge of deserts and on top of hills.

I was told by my master that other Ifrit variants can also be conjured in Egypt and adjacent areas. Other than that, I am not aware if these class of jinn can be found elsewhere as I have no time to go about everywhere to search. After all, it takes a long time to identify the identity of a class of jinn. Spirits don't just pop up and declare themselves as Ifrit or Marid or a Ghoul.

Common materials for conjuring an Ifrit jinni depending on the class of Ifrit a magician wish to conjure. If the Ifrit is for his/her own employment, then the material would be myrrh resin, the Mecca myrrh branches and leaves for starting bonfire. The use of fresh blood is commonly used too but blood can attract other class of spirits too. So, personally I would refrain from using blood for attracting elite class of Ifrit.

The Ifrit conjuration must take extra precaution. Not only the place is of religious significant, conjuration in these areas is also forbidden unless locals who knows the place pretty well. Ifrit jinni are usually aggressive so a conjuror must stay within his/her protective circle during conjuration.

Many years ago I followed my master, Ahmad to a valley near Mecca in an attempt to conjure Ifrit jinn. Ahmad's friend who was also a conjuror pointed to us that there was a female Ifrit jinni fond of playing under Myrrh trees with her sisters. So, our mission for that trip was to bind the female Ifrit.

We went to the location several times first to survey the area and tried to locate the presence of Ifrit with our own succubus as the overseer. This succubus will ease our job of calling the wrong entity.

Once the location was identified and the feedback from our jinn is positive. We proceed to the valley where the Ifrit sisters were sighted.

To make sure our conjuration is potent, I pricked my fingers and drawn some blood onto the myrrh resin. We started a bonfire and threw in the incense resin. Soon thick smoke rose into the night sky.

An hour later, the myrrh tree around us started to shake vigorously even though there was no wind. Then scratching noises were heard as if some wild animals used their claws to scratch on stones and ground.

When the noise subsided, the appearances of 3 Arabian ladies in red attire appeared before the fire. The one in the middle asked: "Two conjurors and three jinn; how do you want to divide?"

Ahmad said: "Two for me, one for my friend here."

The lead lady replied: "We are unwilling to separate. Only one takes three!"

Ahmad responded: "I am the senior, I'll take all three!"

The lady shrieked with high pitched laughter: "I think not. We will go with the one whose blood we have tasted! Now throw the stone inside the fire before it dies out or we will take your lives!"

Reluctantly Ahmad threw in the magic ring with a stone in to the fire and recited the oath of loyalty. The ladies vanished as the fire died down.

When we returned to Egypt, Ahmad wanted to keep the ring to himself. Of course I didn't want to argue with him as I already had my jinni.

A few months later, I received the ring in a post with a short description: "It is their will. I can't fight them. They have burnt down my house."

I buried the ring in a jungle as I don't have intention to keep the Ifrit sisters. They occasionally appear in my dreams until these days.


  1. Hi,
    So Ifrits are very fond of fresh blood especially human blood.But Master Shih you did not give us the method of the conjuration.

    1. I do no encourage the conjuration of jinn as they will create disharmony within family and friends.