Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Exposition Of Nam Man Prai (鬼油)


It is extremely difficult to comment on Thai magic openly as there are intranet bouncers around. So, I would be as general and as brief as possible to explain to you what type of oils you have bought; and how each one is manufactured.

This types of information is for restricted viewers only. I don't sell oils and I have no intention to sell them now or in future.

Original nam man prai

The infamous 'nam man prai' oil or literary 'ghost oil' strictly speaking does not qualify to be treated as 'corpse oil' as its pureness is only 5% compared to 99% Malay chin oil. The rest of the composition for Thai ghost oil includes: bitch/dog oil, graveyard dirt, perfume, herbs etc.

In another words, the spirit bound to the ghost oil is not the original spirit. A ghost oil must go through a period of empowerment process from 21 days to 100 days or so depending on the masters who made the composite oil.

If a corpse is available, the magician normally will cut off the required body parts instead of lengthy corpse burning process with a candle. These body parts normally reproductive organs will be boiled in water.

Oil will float on the water and they are collected for further process. Since Thai government is very strict on punishment of grave raiders, no one wanted to try their luck. As I heard that in rural areas of Northern Thailand people are still digging up grave for black magic purposes but I have no interest to find out.

The making of nam man prai is already posted in this blog. I will not repeat myself.

The modern ghost oil

Since the scarcity of 'qualified' corpses to be used with dead babies in abundance, nowadays; most so called ghost oils are made by barbecuing dead babies and collecting their oils. 

Nowadays, most of these ghost oils in the market are baby oils for sure.Theoretically speaking baby oils are also corpse oils so it really depends on what type of spirits are summoned in.

I used to have some baby oils with one female spirit attached. Although the oil can attract attentions, it cannot go beyond what I want it to do. So, I will take it that save your money on baby oils. Try you may, but don't complaint.

Counterfeit ghost oils

These are of the majority types of ghost oils in the market. You will know when the price is extremely low... but some false oils do not come cheap as well. There is no clear guideline to follow unfortunately.

As a rule of thumb, it is safe to treat all ghost oils in the market as counterfeits.


Don't buy corpse oils. Do it yourself if you have guts. Otherwise just spend money on social escorts. At least you will have some value for your hard earn money.


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